Hi WT0914! Thank you for reaching out to us regarding this form. I certainly understand your concern and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you. The Notice of Proof of Residency form was included on page 4 of your auto policy renewal document.  I've also posted a separate form online which provides this information.


Here's how to find your auto policy renewal and this separate document online:

  1. Select the "My Tools" tab.

  2. Select "Documents & Forms" and "View My Documents."

  3. Select the "Insurance" folder.

  4. Choose your most recent auto policy renewal.

As a courtesy, I've also emailed you a copy of the form to your primary email address on file for your review.


Please include your USAA number and write "NCPR" on all documents for faster processing. Once documents are received, please allow up to five business days for review. Thanks! ~ Stacy

Good Morning,


I have received notices that I need to submit two documents showing NC Proof of Residency. What forms are acceptable to submit? A bank statement from the last 60 days? Does USAA have a form that needs to be filled out. Any help would be much appreciated so that I can get this done.


When looking at Tools, My documents, I do not see any forms that I can select and fill out, so please give me another option that this. Thanks.


Thank you, Stacy!


I hope to get the policy renewed as soon as possible since it's a month away from the renewal. Please let me know if I would need to do anything else. Thanks again.

Hi ZZ81! Thank you for submitting proof of residency in North Carolina. We received your recent documents yesterday and appreciate your continued patience.


Please allow up to five business days for completion. You'll receive correspondence advising if the documentation submitted was acceptable and the nonrenewal was rescinded OR if we're unable to accept it and new proof of residency must be sent to us. ~ Stacy

Hi, I still haven't received any update on this. My insurance notice still says that it will not renew in February. Please, can someone resolve this? Thanks.

Hi ZZ81 - I understand how important this is, and have sent a request to a colleague in the insurance dept to check into this for you. Please know that they are not currently in the office, but will have this request first thing in the morning. - Cathleen


Hi, I received a notice in both my email and letter earlier this month that I need to submit a NC proof of residency request form. Last week, I was unable to upload the document as it was taking a long time to "attach" a file to USAA. After five hours of trying, I gave up and mail the documents physically to the address as provided in the letter. I have not receive a confirmation yet. Now, this morning, I recieved another notice that I need to submit the document or else my policy is not being renewed.  I am not sure what else should I do.