This is starting to get absurd. I received a letter stating my insurance would not be renewed without proof of residency in the state I moved into 4 months ago. The letter was sent to my house...in that state. I uploaded my electric bill, and received a notice today that a proof of residency request FORM was needed. No problem, I can fill out a form and send it in. The problem is that form is nowhere to be found on the USAA site. If there is a specific form you need, and you are sending me a notice to fill out a specific form, provide a link to the form. How are you asking members to provide something without telling them what it is? Is this a simple memo where I type my address and sign it? I don't understand how the electric bill with my full name and home address is not sufficient for address verification.

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Hi overwatch37 - I regret the confusion this has created for you. I've asked a colleague to look into this for you. Please know that my colleague is not yet in the office, but they'll have this request first thing in the morning.

Where do I get this proof of residency form at.  I am being asked for one but there is no additional information listed as to where this form is, or what do you want for me to send you to prove where I live.  This is really confusing, you all should work on the way your website is set up. Thank you in advance,

nccombat, you can find the proof of residency form on the fourth page of your renewal packet. Select >MY TOOLS >View My Documents >Insurance. Please let me know if you have any questions or need further assistance. Thank you! -Cynthia

I too cannot find the NC proof of residency form in my documents. Will you please assist me or send one to my profile? I am trying to join USAA for a car insurance policy. Thank you in advance. 

We have sent a PM to you @mckkk to help with your request regarding the NC Proof of Residency. ~ Joseph

Is this proof of residency for NC going to be a Yearly thing?  Or every 6 Mo when the policy renews?

@IslandGuy, this is a good question. I will get this forwarded to an expert in this department. Once they do review they will be in contact with you. Thanks! -Colleen

Hello IslandGuy thank you for the question, the state of NC requires this every renewal and will be included in each renewal policy packet. - RL 

Thank you for your patience, Overwatch37. I understand your frustration and concern about the required form and I appreciate your feedback. I can assure you that it is not our intent to inconvenience you. North Carolina law now requires all insurance companies writing an auto policy based in this state to validate proof of residency before issuing or renewing a policy. I confirmed that we have received your proof if residency. Please allow up to five business days for it to be reviewed. No further action is required on your part. -Vanessa