A suggestion for the USAA app. It would be great and convenient to have a way to tap on a button and it shows an electronic proof of insurance. Thanks


usarmy42 - Good morning. Once your logged in to the app, select wallet at the bottom lower left hand side, then select PDF and you got it. Thank you for your service and membership with the USAA Family. We're always here for you and truly value and appreciate your feedback. Have a great week. - Shane

I tend to agree with the original post.  First, the PDF version is small and poorly formatted for viewing on a phone; a police officer is not going to want to pinch, rotate, scroll and zoom to the corner of a two page PDF in order read it. Second, if you are out of cell data range, you can't download it anyway.  Yes, if you remember to download it ahead of time - every six months - you can have a copy ready on your phone when out of cellular data range, but it's likely you'll forget to do this, and it's still a pain view.  I don't think it would be hard to implement a card-sized, readable view for a phone with a button right on the main page for quick access, in preparation for those situations when you can't focus on fiddling your way through an otherwise good app.

We appreciate your feedback, brnwdrng! We always look for ways to improve and serve you better. I have forwarded your feedback and suggestions to the appropriate area. Thank you for your membership and have an awesome weekend! -Cynthia

Or you could take the card they mail to you and put it in your glove box like everyone else does and like you are supposed to do.
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Lol you would think so! Usaa doesn't always mail a physical copy. I was once able to select this option on the website, although now it looks like one needs to contact USAA and request this personally via private message or custy service phone number. Prior to this I would automatically receive a copy in the mail. I don't own a printer so I screenshot the pdf copy on USAA.com until I receive it in the mail (after requesting so) or print at a UPS store.
You can’t add a pdf to the IOS wallet...another feature offered by most auto insurance apps. After reviewing the feature requests, I noted these features have been requested since 2015 and STILL not done. A decent app developer could add these functions in a month, not 3+ years.
Actually, the electronic insurance is just fine under Hawaii law (since 2016), so the paper version is no longer what you are "supposed to do". I love how USAA is generally ahead of the curve when it comes to technology, but this is one area in which they have fallen behind the industry leaders.