Points assessed by USAA Insurance when DMV did not?


I called on 27 Feb 2019 to question when USAA would stop assessing various amounts > $200 against me for a ticket I pled nolo contendere to in 2016. I expressed concern since GA DMZ did NOT assess any points against my drivers license. I was bounced around to tw0 different agents, for a total of 55 minutes, while being told all kinds of crazy things, like it was my responsibility to notify them of the 0 points, to they assess these because I had 4 points on my record *even though I clearly communicated I had the official DMV report showing 0), to if I want to contest it, then I had to FAX a copy in, uploading to the secure documents portal was not accepted. Finally the agent said she needed manager approval to accept that, and unfortunately no manager was available. Could I get a call back Thursday at 530-6pm EST, to which I agreed to. That came and went without a call. I called back on March 4th, and again after being transferred, I finally was supposedly speaking to a Manager, who agreed with my statement, if GA DMV didn't assess points, why did USAA? Unfortunately, after over an hour, according to her, it is USAA's policy that they are allowed to assess their own points against me. They have charged random amounts in excess of $200 each policy renewal.  I explained I have all my banking and 401k with them, along with a mortgage, auto finance, and insurance, was it really worth losing all that to remove the penalty being imposed unjustly? 


Evidently it is - as she could not convience anyone to take action to correct this. 


@SFCone, sorry to hear that you didn't have a great experience when calling into review your auto policy.  Certainly understand your frustrations and have forwarded your concerns to the appropriate team to further review your experience.  Thank you for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco