Please help us get our home repaired & restore our deep trust in USAA - 50+ year family relationship with USAA!

We are seeking help in restoring our home to pre-loss condition – and finding people who will help us do so, under the scope approved by USAA. Our 50+ year family relationship with USAA, multi-product and multi-household membership, has been damaged in this process. We have a hail damage and wind claim that has been handled slowly and with significant lapses in communication, responsiveness and helpfulness. We cannot find any contractors who can fix our damage as USAA has scoped. In our desperation, we are now in the waiting period for the appraisal process, with no response in the last 2 weeks.


It seems to us that front-line customer service reps have been handling our case strictly per scripts and policies - and are not empowered or interested in truly helping us get our damage fixed. After months of back and forth, not feeling respected or heard,  I asked 2 weeks ago in the claim center:


  • Please help us find contractors who can fix our storm damage in accordance with your scope. We have not been able to find any. We will consider avoiding the appraisal process if we can get the damage fixed by reputable contractors.
  • We may need to move to the appraisal process to reach agreement on the claim. Who is an appropriate person to help us? What types of careers make good choices for appraisers? What type of person will USAA be using? Do you have a name?


Our claim started with us calling USAA as soon as we suspected damage. The adjuster sent out was not a USAA adjuster but a 3rd party - and found only $300-$400 in damages. He failed to notice a punctured skylight and $3k+ additional roof, siding and property damage USAA noted found upon re-inspection. We don’t get up on our roof and trusted USAA was our partner in protecting our home. It appears to us that the adjuster was looking to minimize the claim value and not thoruoughly assist us in identifying the storm damage to our home.


After the 2nd inspector, an engineer, came and indicated he thought the storm produced ½ inch hail – we found video and pictures of the storm at our home showing hail well over 1” and asked USAA to send it to their engineer as additional information. The claim center did not pass along the photos and refused to accept the video of the actual storm, standing by the inferred opinion of what the engineer believed to have happened instead of forwarding photos of what did happen – far more impactful than what he thought might have transpired. We shared the video and photos with another engineer who considered the additional information and wrote his opinion. We were told USAA would not even be considering his comments without a complete and full costly report.


We are 2nd generation policyholders with a family relationship with USAA starting in the 1950s, covering our homes, autos, banking and more. This is a serious breach of trust! We are disillusioned and disappointed. Moreover, we were gullible – believing USAA was not just a business in the business of making profit at the expense of the sound delivery of covering loss in the way the executives would have them cover damages to their own homes.


We have lost countless hours trying to figure it out, communicate and get the damage repaired. We have approval for a patchwork quilt of random fixes – and no guidance on how to find a contractor or set of reputable contractors who will work this way and repair the damages. 


Please help us identify people who will repair our property quickly and soundly and restore our damaged relationship with our trusted USAA insurer. Our only interest is having our property repaired professionally and properly and getting on with our lives. Please help us find someone at the right level at USAA who will read the entire case and help us resolve it.


@2nd generation Here, I am terribly sorry to hear about your situation and your concerns with the handling of your claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to a subject matter expert to review further. They will then reach out to you. Thank you.

Thank you! I know USAA is a business. And, I know you have contractor relationships for significant loss situations. We just want our home fixed. Appreciate your follow-up and service!

We received a message from Chris Cortinas over a week ago and called back twice. I have not heard from him again. Apparently he called my husband the first time. My husband is in a classroom from 8 to 6:30 daily - so cannot easily answer the call. We had hoped to avoid the appraisal process.


I have called 3-4 times since and cannot even get through the automated line to his extension. It puts me in a terrible loop process.


Please help us. Thanks! 



Hi @2nd generation Here, I will notify Chris about your post here and for future reference, to bypass the phone prompts, when you call in, hit the "#" key and the system will then ask you to enter an extension. This will help you get to Chris directly without the worry of going through phone prompts. 

Wow - I am just reading thru these claim nightmares because part of our roof was just blown off and am so worried about having home owners with USAA.  I too am a 2nd generation policy holder for 35+ yrs and a son in the Air Force.  These stories are disheartening and truly sad... get it together USAA!!!  Shopping around today for quotes...  :-(

I truly hope USAA was able to get their stuff together enough to help you all out... Prayers for you....