I was injured in a car accident last year, April 2018.  My vehicle sustained enough damage that it needed to be in the shop for about 10 or so days.  Once fixed, I returned to work, but later in the year, my injuries, (excerbated by military injuries) still pained me enough that I felt I needed to take some time off work.  I missed two pay-periods at work, due to the injuries, had to have several injections in my neck and spine, given all sorts of braces to wear, and somedays required having my adult kids around to be with me.  I also missed out on FMLA, and disability insurance on my government job as a result, and have been in dire straits since then.  I've taken out a small loan to keep USAA paid up, and have been grateful for all of their payments toward my care and rehabilitation.  When I asked if there was a benefit of having the insurance for my own inability to work during that time, I was told there was such a thing, and that I would be emailed the necessary documents.  If such a thing existed, it would have been GREAT.  I was relying on the info to at least get my mortgage paid during those times, but nothing happened, and it still hasn't.  I was off work about 32 days due to my injuries, I THOUGHT USAA told me they'd compensate me for being off work for those days.  To date, I've not received any further information regarding this.  Was this a real promise?  Or just one to get me off the phone?  You're quick to offer cancellation notices, but NOT so quick to offer monies, or info on how to obtain monies for being injured and off work.  What gives, USAA?  Was this real information or was your customer service rep just opening his mouth, but not saying anything?  I'm a little too old for games at this point, and my survival is just as important as the next person's.  Can SOMEONE let me know? 


@Marti2, I am sorry to hear you were injured in the car accident and your claim experience has not been positive. This is certainly not the experience we want you to have when you file a claim with us. I am going to ask a claims subject matter expert to follow up with you to answer your coverage questions and address your concerns. They will contact you within one business day. Thanks. -LeKisha