Filed a hail claim for damage for 2 vehicles recently.  USAA sent out the inspector, he wrote up his report, and I received an automated message that the claims were approved and payment was submitted via check.  Then I received an early morning message today that one of the claim payments has been canceled.  No explanation.  No adjusters available on the weekend.  The customer service representative had no idea what that meant.  No help until Monday, it seems.  If there had been at least some human response, such as "oops, we messed up the calculation on labor costs, we need to re-calculate and re-submit payment" or something, it would have been more acceptable.  The claim went from "complete - payment submitted" to "complete - payment canceled" with no justification.  Now as of this morning it's reverted back to "in progress" again.  USAA needs to stop relying on these automated systems so much.  I need to wait until Monday to even schedule any work to be done, if I get a satisfactory explanation from USAA. There were two vehicles damaged in the storm.  The second vehicle's claim process says the payment was mailed out, as it should be.  I would have preferred a phone call to tell me payment is en route, or that a vendor can be set up to complete the work, etc. 


Considering changing insurance after almost 20 years.


Oh dear Baldeagle79, not a good service experience.  Our claim office is actually open on the weekends.  Your adjuster may be gone for the weekend, but you should be able to speak to someone about your claim status.  Let me review your file and see if I can connect you with a "live" adjuster.  Give me a few minutes. - Ina



A claims adjuster is calling out now to you!  - Ina



The adjuster is trying again to reach you by phone.  Please check your voice messages as an earlier message regarding your concerns was left yesterday by another adjuster. - Ina