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If someone has their car totaled but it's still in good shape, just cosmetic and has a salvage title, what level of insurance is allowed on the car? Someone I know had their car totaled last year and the USAA agent said they could keep full coverage for about $66 a month. The person called the other day about dropping the full coverage for liability only and was told they never should have been charged for full coverage as liability is the only option on a totaled car. If that is the case then it appears to me this person was overcharged for something USAA never would have paid out on and should be due a refund for the months they were overcharged. I think the difference was about $40 a month for several months, less than a year though I think. Thank you.


@MH53J, That is a great question. It is up to each individual what coverage they choose to carry on their vehicle. With that being said, a vehicle that has been totaled is worth significantly less than one that has not, so it is usually suggested that a member reviews their policy to see if it is worth carrying physical damage coverage (comprehensive and collision) once a total loss has occurred. We are happy to review the policy with the member that you are speaking of, and see what would be best for them. Please have them reach out to us via chat by selecting Help on or by phone at 800-531-USAA (8722). Thank you! 

Would USAA pay out or repair damages on a totaled vehicle if someone is paying for full coverage?

@MH53J, It would depend on the actual loss whether USAA would pay out or repair the vehicle. ~Danielle