Regarding the August Board of Director Elections.  How do we find out their voting records and where they stand on issues.  I’m really disappointed to see USAA outsourcing its job to third party companies and spreading my personal info all over the web (PSI specifically).  If a director votes to outsource, it means they believe someone else can do their job better than they can and they need to be replaced.  Following the latest trends in business models is not the answer (unless you are an overpopulated lemming).


Dear USAA,


In preparation of submitting my vote for th upcoming Annual Meeting of the Members of USAA, I have reviewed the Proxy ballot, but it only provides for either a vote For or Withold for the 4 new current Boards members up for re-election.


In accordance with the "BYLAWS of USAA" that accompanied my PROXY ballot, Article VI, Section 6 (Removal of Directors) specifically states, "A director may be removed from office, with or without assigning any cause, by a majority vote of all members or an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds of the remaining directors."


How do I indicate on my PROXY ballot that I vote to "Remove a current director from office?"  I intend to vote to remove all current directors from office, due to lack of confidence in their leadership abilities regarding their misguided and mishandling of the Sean Hannity advertising fiasco.

They pull advertising from Hannity yet continue to claim they support NFL sponsorship through the military support program--ha! I am certain all the Directors enjoy all the NFL perks by advertising and they bring in a military member or two with children to get the obligatory photos that they are "supporting the military" it's propaganda and though players have every right to not stand for the national anthem USAA supports those that disrespect one of the most honored and cherished symbols of the US Military... the flag. USAA is disrespect to customers and our military by theses outrageous actions

Dear USAA Community Management,


It has been 5 days since I asked in my previous post how to indicate on my PROXY ballot that I vote to "remove all directors from office" for the upcoming Annual Meeting of the Members of USAA.


I am still respectfully awaiting the answer to my basic question regarding my official PROXY ballot as a Memebr of USAA for the upcoming meeting.