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I saw on the Marketing and Privacy tab that I supposedly "gave USAA permission to make marketing calls to you using an automated dialing system or prerecorded voice message". I don't remember doing that, but in any case I would like to change this setting.


However, there is only a link to the Contact Us main page and searching does not provide a means to opt-out.


Please provide a link or number to so I can remove this permission.





Thank you for reaching out. Once you log in to, click on your name>Profile & Preferences>Marketing & Privacy. Once there, at the bottom of the page you will find "Can We Share Your Information Inside USAA?". 

Thank you for that information. I had already done that step, but was still seeing the mesaage on that tab.


I suggest that message be removed when a member chooses the option not to share information within USAA.


Thanks for your suggestion. I will forward to our Member Feedback teams for review.

I will allow you to share any information stated by law. I opt out of all other.  Thanks, Roxanne Popp