Online Access to FULL Homeowners Insurance Policy Requested

Al B. Darn
Occasional Contributor
I would like an electronic copy of my FULL homeowners insurance policy, including declarations, all endorsements, exclusions, fine print, etc. Will you please add these documents to my account?


Hello @Al B. Darn, happy to assist in directing you to those documents.  What has you reviewing your insurance this morning?  To gain access to your documents, please visit and log into your account and select your name at the top right corner of the web page.  From there you will see you a menu pop up to select the option "My Documents".  You will be shown the latest documents within the last 30 days, but if needing to gain access to past months and year's documents, just select the folder "Insurance" to filter your search and print.  If you need additional assistance, you may reach out to a specialist via chat/phone by going to your auto or home policy and locating the "Ask USAA" button to get connected.  Our specialists will be able to assist and answer any questions or concerns you are having today.  Thank you for trusting USAA with your insurance needs and we look forward to hearing from you again on USAA Community.  ~ Marco

I got a notice to review my coverages. The only documents available in ALL of My Documents are the renewal notices. I am looking for my complete policy, declarations, endorsements, etc.

Hello, @Al B. Darn. Thank you for reaching out again. I have sent the contract to your documents folder. If you look in there again, it will be the most recent item. :) ~ Steven

Yep, got it! Happy Good Friday and have a wonderful Easter! Thanks for your assistance!

You are most welcome, @Al B. Darn! Have yourself a wonderful weekend and Happy Easter as well! Thank you. :) ~ Steven