Obtaining Membership through Ex-Domestic Partnership

My ex and I were together for nearly 11 years, and during our relationship we had an auto insurance policy together with USAA. At the time, domestic partnership was the only way we could legally lable our relationship, because walking into the courthouse and trying to acquire a marriage license wasn’t allowed, gay marriage wasn’t a thing. Unfortunately 3 years ago we grew apart, he became my ex, but the silver lining lays in the fact that we are still closely involved in each other’s lives.

I was under the assumption that a domestic partnership, at the time, entitled a significant partner, which would be myself, to be entitled to the extended benefits that USAA offers. We were listed on his USAA insurance policy as partners and I was listed as an authorized user for all of his USAA accounts, on checking accounts outside of USAA, health insurance policies, leases, car titles and so on. I found out otherwise.

When I called to ask about obtaining Membership, thru this history with my ex and the history we had established with USAA, I was asked by the representative, who truly was lovely, if we were married during that time. I laughed and said “no, that was impossible, because it was illegal”. The response I got was robotic, that it was simply a courtesy for me to be able to be listed on his accounts and that courtesy didn’t extend any membership opportunity, like it would for a legal spouse at that time.

I find this to be disheartening. I’m aware, through a simple Google search, that USAA has had its issues in the past with meeting expectations of domestic partners and putting them thru hoops to obtain membership benefits, however it’s 2019. I surely hope this isn’t still a thing and that I’m just totally misguided, out of line and uninformed. Correct me if I’m wrong.