USAA Customer Service has become deplorable!  Trying to file an auto claim for days: when I called, recording said to file online.  Online I got stuck when asked how many cars with the options a check mark, 2, 3, more than 4.  The claim involves 1, ONE, car, yet it does not give that option.  I went to HELP and they could not understand what I said and asked me to rephrase.  How do you rephrase ONE??????????

Why can't we get the old USAA back?  Get rid of this CEO and board and go back to the impeccable customer service you once had. 


@hotlips1 Thank you for reaching out to us regarding the frustration that you are having trying to file a claim. Please contact us at 1-800-531-8722 and follow the voice prompts to reach an adjuster to start the claims process.