No one answering the phone today for insurance claims...


I have towing coverage selected on my auto insurance.  However, when my car had a roadside breakdown today no one was in the office to assist?? So, I had to pay for a local tow company myself (even though I have this on my policy).  Will I be reimbursed for the full amount I spent out of pocket because no one was in the office today??


@quickQuestion2 The claims department is open 24/7. Please contact them online or by phone att 1-800-531-8722

Dear USAA Social Service,


I do not believe this is true when calling from an International location.  I am in the United Kingdom.  Even when trying on the app to access "Roadside Assistance" the app takes me to another location within the app which has a different number for my country (0080053181110).  This number is found under the International Directory under the "Auto and Property Insurance Claims" and directly under the phone number are the Hours of Operation.  Regardless I tried the numbers with no answer.  

Dear USAA Social Service (and other readers),


Today I called during business hours (London time).  First of all, I have my problem resolved, thank you.  For the benefit of others who might have an international, after hours auto claim/roadside assistance here is what happened for me.


Even though I used the "Roadside Assistance" button on my app, the app then took me to the International Directory.  The auto claims are only available during business hours, during the week (again, London times).  What I should have done, according to the individual with whom I just spoke (who was actually very helpful) I should have kept trying as the number should then bounce to a location which is manned 24/7.  They could have then helped me with my roadside assistance.


Also, even though I used a tow company at my own expense, the operator I just spoke with initiated a claim online for me to be reimbursed for my costs.  Thanks for your help - the confusion was probably due to user error on my part!  So, again, appreciate the help and expertise.

Thanks for sharing your experience, @quickQuestion2. I'm glad to hear your problem was resolved. You may also send a message through our claims communication center and a specialist will reach out you. Tricia