No coverage for stored vehicle at the location of storage

Mustang man

On September 13th I moved my stored vehicle from the garage to the curb (same address) and was taking it to get serviced. the evening of the 13th to morning of the 14th the rear of the vehicle was hit and damage occurred at the same location as its been stored for months. Now USAA is denying me coverage on a finaced vehicle with damage from a hit and run or vandalism. I am appalled at USAA their coverage. I asked the lady ( Shaundra Swan) and a gentleman before her on the phone if being in storage made any difference and should I take it out of storage to make a claim, Both said it shouldn't be a problem. So now I have a vehicle that I've been paying on for years in and out of storage and never had one incident until recently and this is the service I am receiving???

It is down right appalling.

A little background on the car.I bought the car brand new 2011 and have never made a claim or what so ever on the vehicle before in the past (car is Not a daily driver but more of a show car). The vehicle has been in storage for several years with only being moved to get fluids moving and service if need be as the scheduled maintenance is required. I have called USAA multiple times to see if this is okay on a stored vehicle and have never been told your policy if anything occurs would be declined and basically being told I have no insurance on the vehicle.


I have multiple family member's and friends that use USAA and I will be contacting them all to let them know their stored toys have no coverage while with USAA.. I hope they cancel as fast as I am about to... 

Thanks for the Poor service USAA


Mustang man,


I am sorry to hear of your most recent experience with us. I have gone ahead and sent this over to our insurance partners for review. Someone will be contacting you directly. Thank you.

I wish I would read this before putting my vehicle in storage. My car got crashed into while in storage. I was with the understanding that I did have collision and liability. Huh, no collision coverage. Disappointed, need to have people answering customer calls be more knowledgeable of what they are doing and information they are giving members.
Just go that extra step!


I am sorry to hear about the accident as well as your claim experience.  I have escalated your situation to a member of management who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. Thank you, Mike


The website is pretty clear about the storage discount. It is probably a better deal just to remove the coverage altogether and file an affadavit of storage or non use with your state so they don't cancel your registration.