I have received my new Defensive Drivers Certificate through an AARP program.

How do I get that discount renewed on my auto insurance policy?


Hello @Aztecpix and congratulations on completing your Defensive Drivers course.  Those courses can be fun and a bore, but completing definitely gives you benefits when adding it to your policy.  To add, please go and click on your name at the top right corner of  After clicking it, select "Upload Documents to USAA" and follow the process to upload your certificate to your USAA profile.  Will need to scan or upload document to your computer first, or you may utilize your USAA mobile app to upload a pic of the certificate to your profile.  Another option is to fax a copy of the certificate with your Member Number & Name at the top of the document to verify placement under your profile.  After upload, please go to your auto policy on and select "Update Discounts & Savings" and enter the date of completion for course in the provided boxes.  If you need additional help or have questions, please select the "Ask USAA" at the top right side of the page on your auto policy.  Congrats again on your Defensive Driving course and thank you for trusting USAA for your auto insurance needs.  ~ Marco