Need USAA's help to re-acquire my parents stolen vehicle that has now been found. (USAA owns it now)


Dear USAA CEO and Executive Management Team,


I am a 31 year member of USAA and my father is 60 year member of USAA who recieved his Air Force commission in 1959.  We are very grateful for the excellent service that we have recieved from USAA in Banking and Insurance over the years. 


My father's car was reported stolen in May 2019 and USAA paid out a claim to my father in June 2019. On July 25th, 2019, the police recovered my father's vehicle with no damage and called them to return some of the personal property that was still with the car.  I called USAA to let them know that the car had been found and that my parents were insterested in re-acquiring their beloved car that they have driven for the past 7 years.  USAA informed me that the car was property of USAA and that their policy and procedure was for the car to be appraised and sold at auction via IAAI.  Only licensed car dealers, registered with IAAI are allowed to participate in these auctions.


I understand USAA's needs for policies and proceedures but I don't see anything illegal or improper in selling my parents former vehicle back to them. It may be difficult, but it doesn't seem impossible either.  I wouldn't be asking for this extra help to re purchase this vehicle if it was my car or my son's car, but it is because it is my parent's car that they are very familiar with, that they recognize and know well.  My parents are in their early 80's and very physically healthy but are challenged with becoming comfortable with new things.


I have been in contact with many fine customer support people at USAA in the insurance section and in the various departments from collision to total loss.  Many USAA staff have gone the extra mile to record my story and correct glitches in the system that had delayed the retrieval and appraisal of the vehicle.  USAA staff contacted IAAI for me and helped me learn that the decision to allow a direct sell back to the orginal owner of the vehicle is within USAA's rights as the current title holder of the vehicle. Many USAA staff, former staff and other USAA members have encouraged me to keep asking and pursuing helping my parents get their car back.


My claims adjustor was able to have a supervisor review my request for a direct sell back to my parents but the response and interaction was not very satisfying.  The answer has been polite, but not helpful in understanding why this direct sell cannot take place.  The answer has been that this is not the USAA process, your car will be auctioned go and find a dealer car broker to go and bid on your parents car and thats how you can buy it back.  I believe that the supervisor that I spoke with does not have the power or authority to deviate from the process, but I do believe that there is a Vice President who could see it in their heart to do something above and beyond in providing some personalized service for a faithful member of USAA.


I am not asking anything for myself, I am asking on behalf of my father who has given me so much.



a Proud Son

Special Thanks to USAA staff (Velma B., Jessica F., Mary P., )





Thank you for your feedback. We are happy to speak with your father about his auto claim. Please have him reach out to us directly with his claim number and phone number. Once we have his claim information, we can address his concerns.

Update: I called as requested by USAA after writing my question.  USAA has responded very well and it appears that re-purchasing my father's vehicle is going to be possible.  I will write more as plan materializes.


Thanks for listening and the action that is taking place on my father's behalf!