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Today is a day that thought would never happen but it did. I went shopping for other insurance. (Car and Home). The agent ask what insurance company are made with and I told him USAA he told me three years before Ithat he would not be able to compete with USAA but USAA has increased their rates for the last three years by 20% each year. I saved a total of $1500 a year on both. So I did the math with my SSA account I will be able to pay for my insurance needs(more for less) for 2 1/2 years on “ what I save in my ssa account” sorry but USAA has really hurt me with you are family we will take care of you. Shameful shameful shameful. Listen to your customers and you might be able to keep who you have left USAA. FOR ME IF YOU ARE GOING TO TREAT LIKE A NUMBER I MAY ASWELL PAY THE LEASE AMOUNT FOR A PRODUCT. REMEMBER YOU ARE IN THE BUSINESS TO SELL A PRODUCT . Nothing more nothing less but if you cater to certain group of people at least pay attention to what they stand for. To my fellow veteran brothers and sisters we bleed what are we bleed RED WHITE and BLUE. Let’s vote because I’m ready.


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Ididmytime, I understand your concerns about auto and homeowners insurance rates. Since 2015, insurers across the industry have seen an increase in both the number of claims and the cost to cover losses, with USAA being no exception. We have adjusted rates in order to maintain the association's financial strength to continue serving members for generations to come, while ensuring we remain competitive. I'm sorry we were unable to retain your business, and I hope that we may be more competitive in the future for your insurance needs. We will continue to assess and make adjustments to maintain the right balance between quality coverage and affordable rates. ~Darcy

I can understand a rate increase but $900 more on just Home insurance and $800 more on car insurance. I’m getting more coverage for less. Me personally would not call that just a rate increase that’s STEALING again SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL SHAMEFUL . Bring your service back and a better attitude. USAA you have misguided my trust. I will be paying attention to what you are doing and not blindly pay you anymore

Ididmytime, Thank you for your reply with additional information. Your comments are of great concern to me, and I have shared them with the appropriate USAA team. One of our business specialists will review your concerns and conduct a follow-up with you. All follow-ups are handled during regular business hours. ~Darcy

In fact Darcy
I can’t help it Darcy but if you really want to take less a hit on cost and give it back to the people who deserve it stop funding the NFL and the CEO bonus by 1/2. That really could help your customers a lot. Really it would. Like I said I’m ready to vote.
I moved all my insurance to Farmers and saved * a year. It's not the industry, its USAA. All of their rates are way higher than all the major insurance companies. In some cases, USAA honeowners insurance is almost double the price with higher deductibles. Do your homework ppl.