Good afternoon,


I recently purchased an infotainment system that allows me to install a backup camera on my vehicle. If I install the camera would it lower my insurance cost? Also would a dash camera do the same?


I was also considered "At Fault" on my previous insurance for swerving to avoid a deer. I have the police report and I also have an email from my previous insurance stating why I was considered "At fault" and it was not due to negligence. I appreciate the time taken to read this and respond. I look forward to hearing if any of these things could possibly lower my insurance cost. 




Carlos Mercado


Good afternoon @Cmercado2591 and thank you for reaching out to us today to inquire about dash camera's having a discount on policies.  At the moment, there is no savings opportunities for dashboard cameras.  As for "At Fault" being placed on you driving record, those can affect future auto insurance premiums and certainly understand your concerns when you were not negligent in avoiding the deer.  We do offer additional savings for auto policies.  To verify what discounts are available through your state, visit your auto policy on and select the tab "Savings and Discounts".  This will allow you to view the additional savings your vehicles and licensed drivers can obtain.  If you have concerns or additional questions, you may select the "Ask USAA" button on your auto insurance summary to initiate a secured chat with an insurance specialist to review and go over your auto policy to identify any missing discounts and savings.   I truly appreciate your membership and reaching out to us this afternoon and we look forward to hearing from you down the road.  ~ Marco