Silly Yaya
2 grandchildren live with us, BTW! Late November it came to my attention we had bedbug infestation. Not 'JUST BEDBUGS' but, being a leukemia survivor + myeopathy, my body was showing signs & evidence if infestation! Long. Story short...exterminator called, his inspection confirmed our fears (110% positive). We were given instructions to immediately prepare residence for their treatment plan then must leave residence make plans to be away for up to 4 days... Needless to say that between motel stay for myself, spouse, daughter & 2 children + laundromat for clothes til safe to return home + meals, transportation expenses + exterminator charges + replacement of 1 mattress/box spring + cleaning supplies, ointments/prescriptions for healing, etc. Our living, below usual standard, expenses added up very quickly! Please tell me our homeowner policy has some sort off coverage for this type of loss.


Oh no @Silly Yaya!  I hope all you are back to feeling normal due to the horrible infestation you had.  To inquire about coverage through your homeowners policy, please contact our Claims department to verify coverage for your situation.  To reach them, please call Claims @ 800-531-8722 to report your claim.  You may also view your policy for coverage's that is sent before the renewal date by going to and selecting "My Documents".  Wishing you a quick recovery and getting back into your home.  ~ Marco

Your policy excludes infestations.