Literally sitting on the roadside UNINSURED!!!

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I called USAA February 15 to make a payment on my auto insurance to avoid policy lapse/cancellation that would take effect February 19 if unpaid. I told the rep that I need to make payment to avoid cancellation, which he verified would happen February 19 if I did not make payment. As I'm getting ready to confirm payment he tells me I should setup auto draft from my checking, first payment would come out March 20 (today). I asked about making the payment today to avoid cancellation and be said since I setup auto draft I didn't need to make payment today. I asked if he was sure and clarified that payment wasn't necessary since I set up auto draft.

This morning I go to my USAA app to make sure the auto draft will come out today as scheduled...sure enough, it will. Then I notice that my auto insurance has been canceled due to non-payment, the payment I called to make February 15. So I called USAA immediately to find out what's going on. The rep confirmed that my policy was, indeed, cancelled for non-payment. I explained to her what the rep told me on February 15, but the only notes he left were that he had setup auto draft. The conversation was recorded, so I asked that it be pulled up. I was told that conversations are "deleted" after 30 days. WHAT????

I talked to two other supervisors, and, as I'm sitting on the side of the road UNINSURED, I'm waiting for their supervisor to get back from lunch to call me back so that I can resolve this one way or another. Original call was at 10:33a.m. and lasted for 1 hour and 26 minutes...waiting for almost 1.5 hours for return phone call.

Meanwhile, it's getting hot sitting on the side of the road, and I'm already steaming...STILL WAITING!!!


Thank you for allowing us to assist you over the phones today Rowako.  We are currently in the review process of your situation.  Please know that you will be contacted once complete.  Thanks in advance as this may take some time.  Rest assured, I do understand the importance of your concerns being handled with the utmost sense of urgency.  Respectfully  -  Justin

Justin, the situation I found myself in today has been satisfactorily resolved. The fault was not on my end, and the fault by USAA was not malicious. Mary R. did call me back, listened to the February 15 recorded conversion, and verified my story. The matter is resolved and I appreciate all that was done to help my situation.

Although the original recorded conversation was deleted after 30 days, it was retrieved. If the is anything I would suggest different in my situation when seeking resolution, it would be to keep phone conversation recordings 90 days for availability to assist in problem resolution. 30 days is barely one billing cycle and many times problems aren't detected until well after 30 days.

I will continue to do business with USAA and continue to recommend to others.
I also wish to add that the gentleman I had originally spoken to February 15 called me and apologized for his error. I also want to thank Sonnet, Frank, and Johnny for their assistance and patience as well.

Rowako, thank you for reaching back out and for sharing everything has been resolved. We appreciate your membership and if there is anything else we can assist with, please let us know! -Marisa