I tried applying for life insurance two weeks ago and the USAA advisor told me the website was broken and to try back in a few days.  They could not help me over the phone because I currently had life insurance in NYS and they said it was a legal issue.


I sent an email to USAA with the tech issue and error I was receiving and in a week got a call about my life insurance application figuring everything was fixed.  I called them back and they had no idea why I was calling and got transferred from the 1-877-627-2811 number to an advisor, then to website tech help, back to an advisor.


This new advisor must have been under different legal obligations because he gave me a quote while the previous two claimed they couldn’t.  I asked to speak to an underwriter to better understand my issue and why a 20 yr term life for 750K was over $100.  She actually laughed at me throughout the call like she was an intern who couldn’t believe I wanted to know why the rate was so high.


I work in the financial services industry and have never seen incompetence or witnessed a client serving resource act like this.



While we cannot change what has already passed, we apologize for your phone experience. I would like to get someone in contact with you who can answer your questions and give you all of the information you need. Could you please send an email to socialmedia@usaa.com; including your member number, the best number to contact you and your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

877-627-2811 is not a USAA number, but associated with LeadQual a third party affiliate as far as I know.




I think this company gives USAA a black-eye and USAA may want to reconsider the affiliation.

I received a call this afternoon from 877-627-2811. The individual knew my name and some basic information about my accouint. She identified herself as a representative of USAA and then asked me to hold while a customer service rep was called to the line. I was told that no rep was currently available and that I should hang up and wait for a call back. No call back occured. The call had all the hallmarks of a scam / ripoff artist. Is USAA aware of these people and what they are doing?

I have had calls from 877-627-2811 as well.  Since it's not a USAA number, I asked the caller how would I reach him when I called the main number.  He said I couldn't.  That did it for me.

USAA, if you are contracting out your life insurance marketing, please re-think this strategy.  



I would like to applaud your vigilance in protecting your personal information, it is so important! 


In this case though, this call was from us. As we serve the financial needs of military members and their families, we team up with agencies like LeadQual to help us answer your questions about USAA products.


Here's what to expect from LeadQual:


  • LeadQual receives your name and number from USAA — they never sell any of your information and they adhere to the highest privacy requirements instituted by USAA.
  • If you're interested, LeadQual will transfer you to a USAA representative that specializes in the specific product.
  • LeadQual can contact you about potential product solutions from USAA.

When calling on behalf of USAA, they only call you from one of the following phone numbers.



Thank you!

This should not be outsourced. I have had 1-877-627-2811 call me repeatedly on my cell and that number has been blocked. I have enough insurance thru USAA and do not need a sales pitch from a third party.



I have passed your feedback along to our insurance team. Thank you for commenting in Community.



I received 3 phone calls recently from this insurance company. 


First Call -> Voicemail

- Voicemail identified the personal calling from USAA. It would be one thing if I was told it was ___ calling from ___ on behalf of USAA but this person identified themselves as USAA.


Second Call -> Missed


Third Call -> Missed

- I called back this time and the person said they were from USAA. They asked for my name and told me that I requested life insurance which I did not. I asked how they came up with this information and I was told there was probably a glitch in the USAA app that made me request life insurance.


I am very upset at this company hiding behind the USAA brand and USAA allowing them to do this. 


1. Even if this company is legitimate, their actions will lead to the carelessness of customers who may provide this company information. Just because someone says they are from company XYZ, doesn't mean they are company XYZ.

2. You said that they can contact us about potential product solutions from USAA. When the company contacted me, that should be what they tell the customer. They should not be self identifying with USAA to increase business. I'm certain they have a phone prompt to answer to and this should be changed.

3. You replied to this issue on October 15th, why is this still an issue for USAA members? I shouldn't be harrassed on my personal cell phone by a 3rd party company who utilizes sketchy practices. This company using the USAA brand looks bad on both parties.


Please let the community know how this is going to be resolved.

You should say AT LEADQUAL that you are calling on behalf of USAA, hasnt happened yet --when they call me.