Same coverage on my 2 vehicles would be $574 a year higher with USAA than with Geico! Poor customer service with banking and insurance sealed the deal. We have never had a claim.


This is not the experience nor service we want for any of our members, MK13. We are always appreciate any and all feedback. We are also more than happy to assist you with any policy reviews, as well as address any customer service issues. We offer an online option via our click to chat channel, please go to the insurance page > reach a representative or if you prefer, a representative can be reached by phone at 1-800-531-8722 (USAA) or #8722 (USAA) from a cell phone.

I'm not saying GIECO is bad but will say the real test is when you have a claim. USAA has never left us hanging; that applies to someone who has had auto claims and been through a EF-5 tornado. I've been witness to the challenges of my neighbors going through the same as me and my family; same goes to friends and family in auto accidents. Everything is cool until you need it. And if my (customer) testimony does not count, please go talk to some to some service providers in the auto body or home recovery industry and ask them who they would go with.

You should read the boards and see all of the bad customer service being discussed.  I hope that you never have a claim, but if you do, come back and tell us about the custimer service your receive.

I have always felt that USAA was a bit higher, but in the 40 years I have been with USAA, I have never been disappointed  when we have needed to file a claim and we have filed several for minor auto mishaps with our vehicles as well as a couple of hail events that caused damage to our homes and cars.  Yeah, I pay $40 or so more per month for coverage in comparison to other insurance providers, but it worth it, well worth it.  Why is it that when you see insurance ads from other companies and they ask you to compare with their competitors they never include USAA for a comparison?  Because they know the service is far better and your will not be hassled and nickeled and dimed.  I am hanging with USAA.

As prevously stated in the prior post regarding rate increases. I've been with USAA for 23yrs. I was one of the first NonComs in Germany to get them in 1996. Yes, it's true they "used" to be all about the servicemembers and their families. Not so much anymore. I requested a new home owners ins quote on Saturday for my primary residence. I currently have my rental house and all my cars with USAA but my primary is with Nationwide. The reason for my request was because Nationwide sent my upcoming notice regarding my rate increase taking me from $1330 to $1555. So, thought I'd check it out. USAA stated my new policy would be at $2100!! Also tried telling me that it would cose 619K to rebuild my house. I laughed at the agent stating my house isn't even worth 619K and that's including the dirt that it sits on. My house only appraises for about 550K! It's gotten so bad that when checking with another broker that I am finding out I can get the same coverage with another company without losing anything at all (except money) for just over $1100 a year!! This is a thousand dollar difference. I also purchased a new car on Sat and saw my rate for auto go up another $100 per month from the previous car I traded in. No tickets, no accidents in over 5 years in case anyone is wondering. I'm inclined to remove all my insurance from USAA and have them send me the money sitting in my subscribers savings account and take a vacation with that money. 23 years adds up. However, as someone stated. They're now wrapping themselves in mom, apple pie and the American Flag. I can't do it anymore. Not worth it to me to spend hundreds of dollars more each month because they call me SSG when I call in. As much as I still identify as a SSG because that's what the Army made me. I won't pay for it out of my pocket. I encourage everyone to look elsewhere for insurance. I'm confident if they see a mass exidus of members, they may rethink their policies. I also had the worst customer service this morning from C**** J**** (G****) and plan on reporting her attitude to whomever will listen. Good luck everyone!


Moderator Note: For the privacy of the employee, this post has been edited.

@Hapsmo, I appreciate you for taking time to share your feedback with us today. It's understandable that you're upset about what's happened with your policies. If you allow us another opportunity, we certainly like to take another look at them with you and find some options to help you save some money. When ready, please chat with us online. When you're on a page where chat is available, you'll see Reach a Representative at the top right. Select the drop-down menu, then select Click to Chat. If you prefer, please call us at 210-531-USAA (8722), our mobile shortcut #8722 or 800-531-8722. 


I also appreciate you bringing to our attention the matter of the service you recently received. We strive to provide consistently great value and best-in-class member service. Therefore, I'll be sure to pass on what you've told me to the appropriate area for further review.  Thank you! Stacy K.