My sister in law needs to borrow my car am I covered?



We will be glad to review your question and Auto policy @dvduine and have sent you a PM to proceed. ~ Joseph

What do you meen by PM?

The PM is the Private Message option with additional information on how we can proceed 

Please proceed

@dvduine- Without going into specifics about your coverage, you would need to utilize a secure channel for that, other people are covered when driving covered vehicles under permissive use. This means they do not have regular use of the vehicle and that the vehicle still remains in your possession, any other situation requires a deeper conversation. Now, the coverage is what you have on your policy, if a member has liability only then that is what the permissive user gets, we have to chat or talk with you to see what you have, if you need to chat or call us, chat online https://www.usaa.com/help/contact >Ask USAA or a quick call to 1-800-531-8722.~Shawna