Good Afternoon.  I am posting today to reach out to other members who conducted research in quoting other companies for their insurance needs.  I am a long-term USAA member (40+ years) and live in a community where there are other retired military members who have left USAA.  Several of these past members also had over 40 years with USAA and left for better coverage at substantially lower premiums even when considering dividend distribution and senior "bonus" dividend distribution.


I always believed USAA had the best coverage and most competitive pricing.  However, after listening to my friends on this topic I am concerned I might have a case of "Blind Loyalty."


Would appreciate and comments from other members or a USAA moderator.


Thanks in advance!


I absolutely 100% agree Marine777 that USAA has lost its competitive edge. I have been a member 30+ years and am saddened to see the decline.


I believe it must be due to the shrinking number of potential new members as enlistments slow over time. That struggle to maintain membership has resulted in the tremendous advertising campaigns and their associated cost of recruiting and retaining members.


Shrinking membership and increased costs are almost the definition of losing


One of the things I stumbled upon as I was struggling with my departure from USAA was an article titled Learn the seven signs of a bad bank. I counted five of seven as attributes of USAA. The community forum here is rife with examples of the number one bad attribute, "Predatory Practices." Being financially penalized without forgiveness for a simple mistake is a telltale sign of a bad bank.

Hi, Marine777. We always strive to stay competitive with our rates. Raising rates comes only after a hard look at the financial facts. We want to remain financially strong to keep our promise to serve you and your family when you need us most. USAA's financial results have been impacted by over $2.1 billion in catastrophe losses. 2016 is by far the most costly catastrophe year in USAA history, exceeding the second costliest year by more than $700 million. We're happy to review your policies anytime. I hope you find this information helpful. -Cynthia

Interesting that USAA uses the BAD year excuse for raising rates as much as 35% over the past few years while the board members continue to get over $100,000’s for their part, the employees get bonuses and the cost is passed to the members.  I, like many others were lulled into believing USAA was a good deal and for many years that was true but now they have lost focus and that is leading to lost customers.  Just go online and google San Antonio articles on USAA board or USAA complaints.  Board members are nominated by board members...this has led to Generals, Admirals, and Command Chiefs who get paid a lot of money to sit on a board while others pay their salary.  Of course, the argument from USAA is our CEO and board members make less than the national average of other CEOs and board members....Great argument!  Why not pass that saving on to the people that have supported USAA through their membership.  I recommend members to take your policy and coverage to State Farm or All State and see what they can do for you.  More often than not you may save hundreds of dollars.  Thanks USAA for losing touch with those that have served both the nation and you through their participation.


Google the articles will get a peek at where your increased rates are going.


USAA CEO Parker sees big pay boost for 2017 despite record insurance claims


USAA board of directors compensation in 2017 (slideshow)

We have forwarded your concerns and account @Mobileflt to the appropriate area for review. We appreciate your patience during this review period and they will be contacting you once this has been completed. ~ Joseph

This January 2019 article appeared in a local San Antonia newspaper, where USAA is headquartered.


I've gotten auto quotes that were way lower but less coverage. After I adjusted quotes to same coverage looks like I can save around 100 every 6 months by switching to the gecko. Probably going to do it.



The last thing we want is to lose your membership and I would be happy to review your policy with you. Please reply when would be a good time to call you? Thanks. -Paula

I called around the Denver, Colorado area for auto insurance.  I am disappointed that USAA were not competitive.  I'm a safe driver and six months was $473 and two other companies came in much cheaper.  I went with Geico at $312 for 6 months.  Maybe I thought USAA is subsidized, so they would clean house....but I guess not.