Would like to get insurance for miltary uniforms.


@Beaner21 -Hi, we do offer this kind of coverage via a renters or homeowners policy, Military Coverage is automatically provided on these policies, there is no additional charge. For Renters Insurance the Personal Property War Coverage Limit is $10,000 or the Personal Property Limit on the policy, which ever is less. Coverage is excess over that provided by the government. For Homeowners Insurance the Personal Property War Coverage Limit is $10,000, also in excess. There is no deductible for military uniforms and equipment or personal property war coverage . What is covered: Military Uniforms and Equipment- For active duty and active duty reserve members, USAA waives the deductible on a covered loss for: 

  • Military uniforms
  • Personally owned military equipment such as:
    • Clothing
    • Insignia
    • Flight cases
    • Headsets
    • Personal body armor

Personal Property War Coverage: If an active duty member is outside the continental United States, Alaska, or Hawaii and direct damage to their personal property is caused by:

  • War
  • Abandonment of property as a consequence of war

then coverage is provided.

To get a policy if you don't have one yet you can select Products at and either property policy, then get a free quote. If you need help with the quote we are ready to chat, there will be an ASK USAA button below your name on the top right-hand side of your screen. We can also always help over the phone at 1-800-531-8722(USAA). Thank you! ~Shawna