Mark A Hebert

To whom it may concern:


I am an active duty military member who recently PCS'ed to a new duty station.  The duty station is located 2 miles from the LA/MS border and has a 20 mile buffer zone as it is located on a NASA rocket test facility.  As such I had to choose to live in either MS or LA, which I chose LA.  I changed my insurance policy to my address of residence, which was a more expensive quote than previous, but was willing to remain with the company as I have been with USAA for the past 15 years.  I was also expecting to get a military discount which would make the payment significantly less.  However, I was just informed that because of a company policy I am ineligible for the military discount due to residing in a different state than my duty station.  I am not upset with the representative who assisted me, but with the policy.  My address does not remove my active duty service.  This policy should be corrected immediately.  As a result, I will be filing a grievance with BBB, state insurance commissions of LA and MS, social media, Navy Morale, Welfare and Recreation, and local news - within the next week as I have no other means of attempting to resolve this issue.  USAA receives significant business from military members, and due to a technicallity that should not exist I am inelgible for a discount that I should otherwise be eligble for. 



LCDR Mark A. Hebert


@Mark A Herbert, so that we may have an opportunity to address your concerns and review the situation, I have escalated your comments for further review. Thank you for your patience. -Cynthia