I have been a loyal and satisfied USAA member for 30 years until I was recently notified that you are discontinuing my homeowner’s policy.  I hold multiple checking accounts and saving accounts, as well as a retirement account and credit card account with USAA.  I previously had a renter’s insurance policy through USAA, and USAA was the original holder of my mortgage and is the current issuer of my car insurance policy.  Given my history, I feel comfortable saying that you have made more money off of my membership over the years than you have lost.  I understand the unfortunate series of claims I have filed in the past three years are an issue that required closer review.  However, I am disappointed in not only the decision to discontinue my homeowner’s policy, but the manner in which I was notified of that decision.  In light of my 30 year membership with USAA, I would have expected to be presented with a higher premium to renew, rather than be cut off with a mere 30 day notice.  At the very least, I would have appreciated the opportunity to advise you of the steps I have taken on my own to mitigate future water losses.  In addition, the letter I received notifying me of this decision stated that you had other options for me.  Unfortunately, when I contacted the number provided, I was informed that was not the case.  This seems contradictory to the other statement included in the letter…”You’re a valued member”.  I also take issue with the most recent water claim listed in the letter, which I’m sure factored into your decision to discontinue my policy.  While I did in fact contact you in September after a repair man indicated there was a broken water line under the house, it was ultimately revealed that there was no actual damage and, therefore, no repairs needed.  I understand that USAA did pay out money in that instance to bring in a company to confirm whether there was a broken pipe.  I remain grateful for the steps USAA took and would have readily paid the cost for that company’s services, just as I would have paid a deductible if repairs had proved necessary.  As I’m sure you know, categorizing that as a claim is now creating an issue as I try to shop for a new homeowner’s policy.  Your decision to discontinue my homeowner’s insurance seems short sighted and requires me to rethink all of my USAA ties.  There are a lot of other options for my banking and investment needs which I am now aggressively exploring.  In the interim, I would appreciate USAA’s commitment to reconsider their decision to discontinue my homeowner’s policy and advise me of that decision as soon as possible.

I submitted my grievance through the website.  Regrettably, I have not received a response.  I called USAA twice to communicate my objections, however, as of this time, I’m still waiting to speak to someone who can address the issues outlined above. Again, I was only given a 30 day notice before my homeowner’s policy expires.  I’m sure you can appreciate the urgency of this matter.


@T0770, thank you for your 30 year membership with us and I regret to hear about your frustration with the homeowner's insurance policy.  I asked a business specialist to research your situation further and to follow up with you as well.  They will be contacting you within one business day.  Thanks again for reaching out to us.