Myself and my husband are victims of identity theft. This caused a higher premium for our usaa auto insurance. we contacted lexisnexus and our state law enforcement agency who then supplied with certified records to send to usaa. I’ve sent this multiple times and STILL no change and no contact from usaa. We’re paying double in a monthly premium and it’s unfair. I feel like we’re still being victimized.


We would like to look more into this issue @JenStell. We will have an agent review this issue and reach back out to you once they have a solution for you - Ralph 

I would apprecaite that ASAP. We were told that our policy would be resubmitted and the amount of premimium we paid over what it should have been woiuld be refunded ASAP. That was in April and no one will respond. we could really use that at the moment. I need to hear from someone asap