I simply want forms to change my residence address. Moving to different rental locally 2/23/19

My New Account

Peggy J. Davenport-Brooks - Insured's Name.  I am a widow of a Soldier for Life and all I want to do is change my profile information for my tenant's homeowners insurance, my auto insurance, and my Classic Checking Account.  Please do not make it so difficult.  I have been trying for two weeks!  Phone calls do not work either.  HELP HELP HELP!




Hello, @My New Account. Thank you for reaching out in the USAA Community. I'm concerned to read about your inconvenience with the address change. We will be happy to help you, although due to privacy and security concerns, we would not be able to change this information without an authenticated contact via chat or phone. You may initiate a chat on USAA.com by logging in, opening the Contact Us page, and selecting Communicate with USAA. To call, you would dial 800-531-8722. There is also the option to edit this information yourself online by accessing your My USAA page on USAA.com, clicking on the desired product, and clicking on Change or Edit Address. I appreciate your time and understanding. Please, let us know if we can provide any further direction. Thank you for your membership. ~ Steven