I need to speak with a Claims Service Manager.

Chris and Letha

There is a serious issue with my auto claim and my adjuster is failing to address our issue. We have been performing the work of our adjuster. The vehicle has been sitting at the repair shop since September, now needs to be transported (not driveable) to a different facility in another city for a different sort of "rivet" repair. We learned of the need for a different type of repair necessary at a different facility by calling the repair shop AFTER 5 WEEKS of waiting to hear from someone. When we learned that the vehicle must be moved, we phoned our adjuster who was not aware of the need, even though the repair shop documented the call to her.


Now, a FULL 2 WEEKS after we spoke to our adjuster to let her know that we learned about the need for transporting our vehicle to the different shop, we learn that USAA has not yet contracted the moving contractor. Bottom line, our vehicle has been sitting with no progress for over 2 months.


We will NOT speak to the adjuster. We will speak to a Claims Service Manager.

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2016 BMW 320i




Chris and Letha, I am sorry this has been your experience with the vehicle repairs and I want to get your concerns reviewed as soon as possible.  I asked the claims service manager to follow up with you.  They should be reaching out to you within one business day.  Thanks ~ Robert.

Robert, thank you. Since my initial post, yet another issue has arisen. I anticipate speaking with the Claims manager.