I need to add my Apartment to my renters insurance as they want to notified if I default or cancel.

My apt complex requires they be listed on my insurance so that they be notified if I default or cancel my renters insurance. What do I need to do?


Good morning @Millie6P6, thank you reaching out to us for assistance in adding an additional insured to your policy.  Good news!  You have a few options to adding your request to the policy.  But first, please know that only the name of the owner of the property or the property management company is acceptable as the additional insured type of  "Landlord".  An apartment complex is not an acceptable additional insured.  To add to your renters policy, you will need to go to it on USAA.com and locate the link to update or change Additional Insured.  From there you will enter the information needed to update.  If needing assistance in adding the information or completing, please click on the box "Ask USAA" on your Renters policy page.  You will be presented with two options to communicate with USAA.  Please select either Chat or Phone to get in touch with a specialist that will be able to guide you in completing your request today.  Hope this helps you with your request and most of all, thank you for your membership and trusting USAA with your insurance needs.  ~ Marco