I am concerned with company's direction to long term customers


On December 31, 2018 at 9:45 am, I called USAA , to let them know that my vehicle is scheduled to go in for repairs and am setting up a rental car. My husband had his car in the shop and he was given red carpet treatment, but now my car has to go in and I feel that I'm being downgraded and rudely treated as a woman.  First, I had to have an adjuster come to me, my husband just downloaded photos and brought his car to the shop. Then, the car rental kept calling him, me I have to search and seek the car rental company out. And I drove a CUV, but am only allowed to get a sedan, not all wheel drive, that's not comparable. My husband got a comparable vehicle, he has a SUV. The representative was short and rude on the phone with me, I've never had this behavior of treatment before and am quiet surprised. We've been with USAA for 30 years, I'm not sure if is because the company has gotten so big, advertising all the time of if it's New Years Eve. Either way it's unacceptable to treat your members disrespectful and rudely and quite sexist. Shame on you USAA.


@Dawg99, I apologize that your recent claim service experience left you feeling like we did not value you.  To ensure everything is handled accordingly going into the new year, I have engaged my claims colleagues regarding your experience and asked that a representative contact you. Due to the upcoming New Year holiday, please allow 1- 2 business days. - Ina