How much less expensive will my auto insurance if I move to Texas?


I've been doing some work for a company in Texas and have the opportunity to stay in McKinney, TX.  How much less expensive will my auto insurance be if I go ahead with this move? 


Hello @ConcernedAutoCust, you can complete a new quote to change your policy locate to Texas any time online. You'll want to select your policy and then select the link to update the vehicle location. It will ask if you're moving within the state or to a new one. Once you select Texas, you can review the policy details including annual mileage and any coverages that may be a bit different from your current policy and calculate the changes. You can either save or submit the changes after you calculate the new quote. If you save it, you can come back to process the changes if you will have an extended stay in Texas. If you have any questions or would like to review a quote together, please don't hesitate to begin a new chat anytime. Safe travels! -Lori