How long should I wait before canceling insurance coverage on a vehicle?


I sold one of the vehicles that I have full insurance coverage on to a private party. I have no control over when and where the vehilce gets reregistered, so if something where to happen before legale ownership has changed (like an accident), could I be held liable for an damages?


@Magill -Hi Magill, usually members remove the vehicle from their policy the day of sale or the day after they sell the vehicle. If you have relinquished the title, you should be okay, I would notify the local department of motor vehicles, motor vehicle department, or registry, depending on your state, as soon as possible. This will create another layer of protection for you, just in case something did happen. Anyone can be sued, the most you can do is protect yourself. You can add, replace or delete a vehicle from your policy by following these steps: 1. Select My USAA tab. 2. Under Insurance, select your Auto Insurance Policy. 3. Select Add, Replace or Delete a Vehicle. We are also able to help via chat at>ASK USAA or over the phone at 1-800-531-8722(USAA). Have a good one.~Shawna