How do I remove the child riders from my Term Life policy? Will the policy automatically cancel after term or do I need to take additional actions?


My son ages out of the child rider on my Term Life policy next month.  My daughter ages out next year.  The policy itself reaches the term next year (2020) as well.  I would like to drop the child riders from the policy.  Also, I would like to know the process I need do to drop the policy after this year.  I do not plan to convert it.  Will the policy automatically cancel when the term is up or do I need to take action?


Also, it would be great it USAA could code the requested functions onto the website (add/remove Child Riders; cancel Term Life).


@Rob-M, I have engaged a subject matter expert to address your inquiry. If you would like to speak with a specialist immediately please call 800-531-8722. Thanks fro reaching out today! -Cynthia