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Tonya Murphy, Advocacy and Resolution Office, where are you? After my initial post, you called once, left a message, and despite my calling back and leaving a voice mail for you several times, you have never called again. It's as if by just making the one phone call, you were able to check the box that said you had appropriately responded to an issue, case closed.


Brian Parr, Total Loss Department, where are you? You were a reasonable and knowledgeable representative (of the twenty or so that I've spoken with in your department), gave us great assistance on our claim, and gave us hope that we might receive a reasonable valuation on our truck. Since then, my husband and I have won some of our battles with CCC1, and lost a few, but we are close to being able to accept an offer.  I'd really like to be able to talk with you one more time, but despite leaving several voicemails at your extension, and having several other representatives in Total  Loss and the Customer Service departments communicate with you on my behalf, I have not received a call. You even set a specific time that you were going to call me, but I never received a call.  Are you being held hostage? I am not worth calling back? Are you somehow being disciplined because you actually helped us? 


I am eligible for USAA's senior (40 years) bonus for the first time next February. This somehow seems like a conspiracy to run me off before I can receive the bonus. I'm torn between leaving USAA and finding a company where I can actually talk to my assigned agent, or hanging around to get my bonus, and merely recommending that no one else ever insure with USAA.


Good luck because they never call back. I always have to talk to someone else and give them the whole story again. I’m on my 3rd total loss representative and I’m always told,” I promise I will look over your settlement and get back with you”. Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, I keep falling for it. My accident happened on November 26 (which was not my fault) and I can’t get anyone to return my calls and I am sick of having to explain myself to a different person every time. Regardless, total loss has zero say if what we get in our settlement anyway. CCC has complete control over total loss department.

@beck23, I apologize for any concern this has caused you. I am happy to help break through the gridlock and have a senior claim specialist contact YOU back to address your questions.  Please allow one business day for them to call you. - Ina

I am still waiting on that call....

@beck23 We are currently looking into this issue and have escalated this matter further.

Not the first time I have gotten this response. I am available now, so why not call?

I received a phone call from a point of contact who reports to the CEO's office. I feel very confident and optimistic after this phone call. This is the first time that I felt like my concerns were genuinely listened to and understood. I am supposed to hear back from him by the end of the week, so fingers crossed.