I did not receive anything for 2018? Why?


Hi @Keechy, that's a good question! While I am unable to review your information in a public forum, it is best for you to give us a call at 1-800-531-8722. You can also chat with us under the Contact Us feature. Thank you! -Marisa

USAA's reply was poor at best. It was unresponsive, why are USAA’s SSA distributions not visible online? USSA is an insurance co., and a banking co., and an investing co. – and you can’t post this information online? This reflects poorly on USAA. Why would I want to go through a mindless menu, get placed in a queue (for how long?) then go through a verification process to get information that surly you have stored (I hope) when in this day and age (post computer) could/should easily be readily available in our online accounts? Why?

@RPW0, certainly understand your frustrations when having to wait in queue or go through the many options on the menu.  There is a quicker way online to get connected with USAA insurance specialists by selecting the button "Ask USAA" on your auto policy page on  I have taken your concerns and forwarded to the appropriate team for future considerations.  Our members feedback is very important to us and we take it seriously.   We appreciate your membership and sharing your concerns with us today.  ~ Marco