How do I file a complaint against a rude agent in the claims department regarding our home damage after hurricane Florence?



This evening I contacted the claims department and spoke with Mr. Josh xxxx for over an hour discussing and disputing my claim report submitted by ALLCAT.  Mr. xxxxn explained to me that USAA would ensure the coverage of 100% of the damage from hurricane Florence, but when I pointed out discrepancies within the summery, he agreed against me.  I explained that I submitted the eagle view for our home with stated our roof was 44 squares that may not include the valley’s, he argued that wasn’t what the adjuster quoted and maintained our rood is 40 squares.  Our roofer stated that the proper measurements for our roof are 49.6 plus ridges 3.6 which equals a total of 53.3 squares.  When I informed him that the adjuster did not report an additional wall that was damaged in our garage, he asked for proof of water damage.  When I inquired about the downspout that was only quoted for 16ft and not the additional 5 elbows, he stated, “I could see if it cost 5 thousand dollars, but you’re only talking about maybe an extra $25.  That’s not something to dispute.”  I responded that the ALLCAT adjuster has misquoted much more than the downspout and I requested a new inspection for our home. Unfortunately, Mr. xxxx has not been the only rude USAA personnel but ironically, those messages have been deleted from the communications.  I just want our home fixed.  Our neighborhood had homes with over 100k worth of damage, and here I am agreeing about less than 30k worth of damage.



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@ Costie, 

This is certainly not the experience we want you to have when you speak to one of our representatives.  Please know that we take your concerns very seriously.  I have engaged our team who handles complaints and requested that they reach out to you regarding your concerns.  Please allow 2-3 business days for contact.  Thanks~Mike