Hello @Duckys4, thank you reaching out to us via USAA Community about acquiring auto insurance for your son.  Happy to help and guide you and your son online or on the phone as there is a couple of options to acquire his own auto policy.  If your son is over the age of 18, he can chat or give us a call to quote and set him up with his own insurance policy or policies.  To chat, just have him log in and register if he hasn't yet.  If yes, just log in and select the "Help" link at the top of the website.  He will then chose the options "I want to talk to someone" > "Insurance" > "Auto" > "New Quote" > "Chat/Phone Options".  Other option is to reach our insurance specialists @ 800-531-8722 and they will assist in quoting and getting him set up with his new auto insurance.  Thank you for your membership and for trusting USAA with your family's insurance needs.  ~ Marco