Horrible experience with USAA total loss claims

Update 7SEP18:


USAA claims continue to press speaking to them over the phone, they continue to resist communicating in writing, this is done intentionally by the claims department.  I'm disgusted to see that just yesterday USAA lied to me and tried to use underhanded tactics to pressure me into completing my claim.  The claims agent said my lienholder requested payment be sent, I called the lienholder and they had no knowledge of USAA sending a payment and they did not request payment be sent.  I expressly told USAA that I have not agreed to the ACV they submitted to me as it didn't include all options or custom equipment.  Moreover when I expressed concern about USAA sending payment to the lienholder without my authorization or involvement I was told by a claims representative asking me to let them know if they want me to cancel the check being sent to the lienholder and that they would take the actions of sending me back the title and I would have to pick up the totaled vehicle from the salvage yard.  This is after I've already sent the title to USAA.  These claims people are tricky, they are deceptive, it wouldn't surprise me if they even worked with lawyers to see what exactally they can get away with and not get in trouble in intentionally misleading policyholders.  I do not deal with USAA claims by phone, these reasons are exactally why, they want you to agree immediatly with their course of action, they make threats, tell half truths or lies with the intent to get you to believe inaccurate situations, they can not be trusted.  USAA, I will take my case up in court if you continue with these underhanded methods of handeling my claim.

@Nate123, I provided a copy of your feedback to our Executive Resolutions Unit for handling.  A representative from that department will be reviewing your concerns and look to make contact with you within 1-2 business days. - Ina

I am currently going through a somewhat similar situation with a USAA Total Loss.  The accident wasn't my fault, and due to a mistake on USAA's fault, I am only able to claim 1 out of 4 WEEKS loss of use with the adverse insurance carrier.  USAA apoligizes for their mistake but is unable to give compensation.  Also, today I found out that they moved the vehicle more than 1.5hrs away, to a place that closes at 5pm and is not open on weekends...NO WAY FOR ME TO GET MY PERSONAL ITEMS when I get home from work at 4:30 Monday through Friday.


Like you, I was promised a response in 1 - 2 business days.  Of course it does not come.


Customer Service is no longer a strong suit of USAA.  Customer of USAA for close to 15 years, currently shopping other insurance providers for both Home and Auto.

I have had a similar horrific experience. Let’s do something about it.
Email me at obregnar275@yahoo.com
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I really feel for you all having bad experiences like this.  I have had very positive experiences with USAA claims.  Within the past year, I have had a total loss on a car, a house damage claim, and another car accident.  All of them were handled promptly and with very little effort on my part.  I spoke with their reps on the phone to get explanations for every step and then I did all of the paperwork through the online secure site.  Here are the only issues I had.

Claim #1: Toyota Corolla totalled - I had to call twice to try to understand what their online communication meant

Claim #2: Tree hit my house and damaged the roof and siding - There were quite a few back and forth calls to work out the details of the claim, because I had the damage fixed before the adjuster could make it out.  In the end I got more than it cost to fix, so I didn't mind the multiple phone calls

Claim #3: Accident with the replacement car for Claim #1 - Only frustration I had is that the other car involved who initially admitted fault then backed out and there was no police report or anything to prove it, so I had to pay the deductible.