Horrible Renters Insurance Experience!!! NIGHTMARE!!!! FOR 3 + MONTHS

Bad Faith Insurance practices...feels like i got robbed all over again....


I filed a renter’s insurance claim back in December of 2018 due to a break in of my vehicle. From the day I filed my claim I was treated poorly. I was assigned one rep that would not call me but then told me “someone else will be in touch with you” and the claim was transferred to someone else. Then a woman named Kahlyee P messaged me and told me I need to meet with an investigator, Claudia J, which I did directly within 2-3 days. After that I was called and told there was a problem with one of the items I claimed- stating I claimed $238 but the store reported it as $210- which I had no knowledge of a retroactive credit that was applied. Kaylee asked me to provide, pictures in the items, receipts and pictures of the packaging for all of my items that I still had and I did it all. Then she told me all my photos were taken after the date of loss which was a complete lie- she began yelling at me on the phone “tell me what is really going on ms lee”. I said I told you and my photos are not after the date of loss, I even provided my instagram account so they could look at my dates and photos- I think sometimes the dates on my iCloud photos are inaccurate. Then she told me not to contact her anymore but that someone from the case management office would reach out to me. Then Michael began calling me and we would talk several times- where he would grill me and ask me a ton of questions, he arranged for me to meet with Claudia again, and I did and then a week later they closed my claim and paid out via check 10% of my claim, with no explanation as to why, what items I was being reimbursed for and I have called and emailed and asked repeatedly. I was sent a letter with the breakdown of the payment and then told if I plan to sue you guys I need to notify you in writing. I finally get a hold of my claims rep and she tells me that they paid all the items that showed as “delivered” mind you, this woman asked me to provide receipts, pictures, boxes, and more, only now to tell me that I never showed proof of delivery for some of the items. Which makes no sense if I have showed pictures in the items- if this is not a scam to just not pay out I do not know what it is. This woman Kaylee sent me on a wild goose chase every week, only to then close my claim, pay 4k and say I did not provide proof of delivery for items. This process has been a complete nightmare.


I have had insurance with you guys for over 4 years and always paid on time and to be told I need to inform you guys if I plan to sue, why is that even the solution? This has been a horrific experience that has dragged on for 3+ months. I am frustrated and feel completely disrespected and belittled regarding this process. I am hoping to talk to someone other than Kaylee that can assist me in getting a FULL resolution to my claim or at least an explanation as to why we are where we are now.



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@horribleexperience40, I regret to hear about your dissatisfaction with the renter's insurance claim.  I understand your frustration and I want to get your matter reviewed.  I asked a business specialist to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns with the claim.  They will be contacting you this week.  Thanks ~ Robert.