Hello @AugiesKid, I am terribly sorry to hear of your unpleasant experience, and I want to thank you for taking the time to share your review. USAA aims to provide the best products and services to our members and I regret hearing we missed the mark in your case. Feedback such as yours will help us get to the root cause of what sounds like a disconnect in our process.  Rest assured we have shared your feedback with a representative who will reach out to you to discuss this matter further. Thank you for being a valued USAA member. ~Nekeysha

USAA would rather fight tooth and nail in preserving their fat profit margins rather than providing customer service.  I suppose retaining customers isn't really important to them as many customers who end up having a claims situation are so disenfranchised, demoralized, depressed and disgusted by their experience that they leave the company.  I sure feel this way with my claims process and I completly understand why others in my situation would leave the company. 

I think it is about time for me to leave as well.  In the past 4-5 years, I have noticed that the service has really gone down the drain.  I can't remember all the issues I had with the banking services, but I ended up pulling most of my saving out of there.  I may end up closing all my accounts altogether.  I have been a member for around 18 years already, but the recent experiences I had with USAA auto claim may really be the last. 

I abandoned a small claim a couple of years before and just took care of it myself because I couldn't get anywhere with USAA.  This time around, it is also just a minor amound.  I got hit from behind during on the freeway during heavy traffic.  Actually, a car hit the car behind me which then bumped into me.  The damage wasn't that great.  I got the police report on the spot and called USAA.  The next day I took my car into the USAA's reccommended shop for repair estimate.  I was told that I had to pay deductible.  I said okay, but told the shop I will drop my car off when they waive the deductible.  I am clearly not at fault so I don't expect to pay deductible.  I got a message from USAA telling me that they have made a payment to the shop minus the deductible.  Why is USAA making payment even though I hadn't dropped my car off yet.   I contacted USAA through the Communication Center and they told me that they are trying to get the other driver's insurance information and the payment was an error.  Note:  During the incident that driver took off in a hurry and I only have the her driver's license and registration.  She gave us the insurance information, but I wasn't sure if it was legit.  I provided all the information to USAA before.  

I waited few weeks before contacting USAA again.  In one of the responses I was told that the other insurance deny the claim, so I have to pay the deductible.  They will let me know if anything changes.  I responded back and asked the rep the reason for the denial.  Another rep responded back telling me that the other driver is not on the insurance policy for the vehicle she was driving.  So I asked them if the other driver is uninsured, wouldn't it fall under the Uninsured Motorist clause in which I don't have to pay deductible anyway?  Another rep responded saying they are still trying to contact the person who is on the insurance policy and will let me know.  Note that I get response from different people every time I send a message. 

From my past experience I did not expect this.  Is this the norm for all the insurance now?  Anyone knows?   If I am not at fault in the accident, the deductible should be waived.  It is no concern to me how USAA go after the other driver's insurance to get reimburse.  So I don't know how long I will have to wait given how fast (sarcasm) they work.  


Please know that we do not want to lose you as a member, and I'd like to have your concerns regarding your claim as well as you deductible reviewed further.  I have escalated your situation to a subject matter expert who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns.   Thanks~Mike

@Tata2, I'm sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with our bank services, can I help with anything in regards to banking? ~ Samantha 

I am getting no response from USAA as well - My vehicle was a total loss late August. After some back and forth and a degree of non-responsiveness on their part, I finally got a valuation for my vehicle and I sent some reciepts end of September for them to reconsider in valuation of my vehicle.


October is now almost over and I have not gotten any communication from USAA. That is almost 2 months of the  claim being open. I called the total loss representative and left a VM but no call back. I left another message today and I also left a message with my claims representative hoping someone calls me back and settles this claim.


Couple that with their ever increasing rates, I think next policy period, I will be reconsidering with whom I have my auto, homeowners, valuable property and umbrella policies.



@egxflash, I am sorry to hear that you are still trying to resolve your auto claim. I have located your information and I am escalating this to the total loss manager. Please allow them time to review your situation and reach out to you. Thank you.

I’m switching House Insurance over to Pro gressive


What happened to this company?  They use to be amazing.


Sorry about this terrible experience.

@Smoke70, let us look into your situation further before you decide to make the switch.  I asked a subject matter expert to follow up with you to further discuss your concerns.  They will be contacting you soon.  Thanks ~ Robert.

My claim has been open for 4 months. Was parked and some drunk idiot hit my friends parked truck totaling it and damaging my car upwards of 7k of damage. <br><br>Have reached out multiple times trying to get the rest of my money reimbursed but my claims adjuster is MIA and I’ve been doing most of the ground work on this. Pray tell, why do I pay you all if I’m doing your job and mine? <br><br>You ask for a supervisor and no one calls you back after two months. The helllll are you supervising if no one is actually working or doing customer service?! You leave a written message and someone says they’ll get to you and no one does and the loop continues. <br><br>Not cute.