I had just dropped USAA.  I had been with them for 20 years.  I cancelled my ckeck, savings, and two auto policies with them on 07FEB18.  I have had a problem last month with USAA communicating or the lack of on my claim; in addition, confusion on my policy coverages and what I had originally purchased.  When my vehicle was vandalized, they wouldn't cover the damage, they stated I never requested coverage for storage .... even though they have in their notes that my vehicle was in storage and paying 11.00 a month since 2014.  Told me, my coverage was for liability only.  State Farms quoted me 2.50 a month with storage coverage that included fire, water, theft, vandalizing, and such forth.  I feel betrayed by USAA.  How they treated me following that; just got the run around.


As soon as you get clear of your claim issues.  I suggest, terminating your relationship with USAA.  I did find a insurance company to whom could provide better coverages and a reduced rate.  I had been with this non-usaa insurance company for 18 years with my housing insurance and motorcycle.  They were glad to take my vehicles and provide a better rate.  USAA is a waste of time, energy, and effort for customers.

@ Cake for All,

I am sorry to hear that your vehicle was vandalized, and please know it is never our intent for anyone to feel like this.  I’d like to have your concerns reviewed further regarding your claim.  I have escalated your situation to our CEO Member Relations Team who will be reaching out to you to address your concerns. ~ Mike

Could not agree more.  Lack of reply and action until they're forced to do so.  Filed a formal OIC complaint tonight as well.  Funny they hide there surveys now and only an up/down thumb yet still on advertisements put somthing like 90+ of its members would refer a friend or family.  Data skewed in my opinion and all interactions with this poor claims company.  

You can drop them in the middle of a claim and they still have to complete it. They won't tell you this but you can. I did it when the screwed me around for 3 months on a vadalism claim.

I am experiencing this run around with USAA right now. I been a member with USAA over 10 years and I had my car broken into twice. Once in October 2017 and second recently August 2018. This time around, they want to send a claims special units investigator to my home. I have NEVER had anyone come and investigate a claim. The way the claim adjuster was questioning me like I'm a liar is very unsettling. I understand its her job but to be treated like I'm a liar, like I'm trying get more or something that's what I don't like. People work hard for their items and I pay insurance monthly and to use it to assist when things have happened is what I pay for. She questioned me about why I keep leaving my items in my car since they broke in once. I'm like it was almost a year ago, I can't control random acts a theft. I had receipts and even photos and text messages regarding those items from over 6 months ago and they act like Im lying. Idk I think they making things very hard now. Honestly I am ready to find a new insurance company. My claim was reported over a week ago the break in was over 2 weeks ago and I'm still waiting.

@Lov3ly, thank you for the feedback.  We definitely do not want our members to feel uncomfortable when submitting a claim.  I located the file and reviewed the notes.  A claim service manager will be following up with you to discuss the status of the claim. - Ina

Try GEICO. I switched last year and am now saving $4,000 a year. I was a loyal USAA customer for over 20 years and an so upset after finding out I could save that much money. Go to GEICO.com and they will give you a quote. It’s real easy. Today after 23 years as a USAA member and my daughter a member for 12 years - she is now 18 - they rejected her request for a $300 credit limit credit card. Yep, $300 I guess she and I are such big credit risks. She is going to college, has a part time job and over $6000 in accounts at USAA. I am so upset with USAA after 23 years this is how we are treated. Found this blog while trying to complain about the credit card and my goal now is to spread the word on the insurance rip off. Some family USAA. No trust at all.

oh no! you said the G word, just a little information about geico, I had them from the time i was in boot camp, never had a claim a loyal customer for ten years. helped pay for those sometimes funny usually stupid commercials. one day I called and inquired about using my truck offroad to retrieve sherrif cars that got stuck for going where they shouldnt btw i was working as a tow truck driver at the time and did not want to get flatbed towtruck stuck as well.  one month later i get a letter from geico stating they were canceling my insurance coverage and refering me to thier commercial insurance division. i called and spoke to a manager and he stood firmly on the decision to cancel my policy for merely asking a question! i told everybody i knew that geico was the worst! however now I am realising that USAA might actualy be in competion for lousy insurance companies.  

I currently opened a Homeowners Claim with them for a sewer backup. My experience with a claim in Nov 2017 vs a claim in Feb 2018 are night and day. See my message re: Cincinnati flood. I’m terrified.
I have long enjoyed a wonderful relationship with USAA so it is with great regret that I am writing to express my disappointment with my recent experience.  Let me explain.
On July 2, 2018 I pulled the car in the short term parking lot at the New Carrollton Metro Station in Hyattsville, Maryland, and parked in the handicapped space.  It was hot and humid with temperatures approaching 100 degrees.  I was traveling with two other elderly women, one of whom has three chronic health conditions and one with a physical disability.  When I realized that the lot was short term parking, I attempted to restart the car without success.  I immediately I contacted USAA to request Roadside Assistance to request assistance.  I was transferred to an agent and explained my situation.  In answering her questions regarding my name, address, membership number, and the car that I was driving.  I specifically clarified that I was driving the Lexus and was in Maryland at the New Carrollton Metro Station.  Initially I was not aware of the street where the parking lot was located so I walked to the Metro map and read the information to her, explaining that the station had parking on both sides of the station and stating I was off Corporate Drive and directly across from the FBI Building at 4700 Garden City Drive in Hyattsville, Maryland.  She put me on hold to also verify the address.  When she returned, she told to wait with the car.    
During my initial contact with the agent, I was told that I did not have Roadside Assistance coverage and would be charged $55 for the service call.  After completing the service request, I asked to be transferred so that I could add  Roadside Assistance coverage to my policy.  I expected that once the agent looked up my file it would become clear that I already had this coverage.  (I knew that I had requested the coverage when I initially purchased the policy.  I called back to speak to an agent with Roadside Assistance to clarify that I did indeed have coverage.  The agent again reiterated that I did not have coverage and instructed me to be prepared to cover the $65 service fee (not $55 as was previously quoted).  
I phoned USAA several times:  
At 12:27 pm for a call lasting 40 seconds.  
At 12:28 pm for a call lasting one minute.
At 12:29 pm I redialed and spoke with agents for a total of 45 minutes.  
At 1:17 pm, I again phoned.  This call lasted three minutes.  
At 1:21 pm my call lasted eight minutes.
At 1:24 pm and 1:25 pm I received calls from (618) 335-5731 with Centralia, IL showing on my caller ID.  I missed both calls.  I likely did not answer because I assumed that these calls were likely from a telemarketer but after listening to my voice mail, I returned the call at 1:37 pm and left a message for the prospective service provider.  I called again at 1:37 pm.  The caller identified himself as the provider of roadside assistance and indicated that he would be arriving at my location shortly.  When he asked me to confirm my exact location we spoke only two minutes to both realized that there had been an error.  He was in Illinois and I was in Maryland!  He instructed me to call and request that my request be corrected.  Sadly, I had stood in the hot sun for well over an hour!
I called USAA Roadside Assistance again.  In fact, I called USAA Roadside Assistance at 1:35 pm (one minute),  1:39 pm (25 seconds), 1:40 pm (one minute), and at 1:41 pm (22 minutes).   I initially spoke with a woman, explaining that there had been a mixup and that the request needed to be reprocessed.  This individual hung up on me.  I called back.  I finally got someone to assist me!  The last individual I spoke with at Roadside Assistance was extremely helpful, professional and thoughtful.  She not only scheduled the service, she provided follow through to ensure the service was actually provided and provided in as timely a fashion as possible.  I received several follow up phone calls from the service provider about his location and estimated arrival time.  I also got calls at 2:53 pm (one minute), 3:33 pm (missed), 3:53 pm (missed), and 4:18 pm (5 seconds) and text messages at 2:10 pm, 3:35 pm and 3:53 pm.  At 2:10 pm, a text message indicated that Balboa was the service provide and showed the address that they anticipated as my location while also requesting that I confirm that the information was correct and that service was still needed.  Someone even provided trouble shooting via one of the calls when the Balboa arrived at the Metro Station in the east lot when the car was located in the west lot.  The service provider from Balboa was equally as pleasant as the agent.  He was professional, seemingly competent and pleasant.  He provided a jump start and also tighten the two loose battery cables.  
By 3:45 pm we were able to move the car!  At this point, I had been standing in the hot sun for well over two hours!  I pray that no one ever has this experience.  It was unpleasant, unsafe and unnecessary.