Horrible Claims Handling & Customer Service


I am disappointed and disgusted with USAA’s lack of concern for their members and for their customer service – actually complete lack of it.  After many years with them, I am leaving and will tell everyone I know to seek insurance elsewhere.  I actually work in insurance claims as a manager and have for 29 years with other carriers. They should be embarrassed and I am appalled as a fellow insurance professional who has taken pride in my career in helping people, responding to customers and doing my best to resolve claims and issues fairly.  I thought I was with the very best.  Sadly, that is far from true.


My daughter recently had an accident with her car on 12/8/17.  We reported the claim right away because the car was not drivable.  She needed a rental and they took care of that right away.  My daughter was told to locate a shop and get the car there for an inspection.  She had suspension damage and began calling shops, being told to go to a mechanic shop, but when she called those types they told her to go to a body shop. She was dealing with this while working two jobs and going to school. I told her to let USAA help her by using one of their preferred shops. She did that, and they moved the vehicle to the shop 12/14/17.  We were told after an inspection and estimate, the shop would contact USAA and USAA would contact us about resolution.  On 12/21/17 the shop sent us and USAA their estimate.  We heard nothing right away.   It was days before Christmas, we were busy, and we knew it would be a busy time in the claims office.  I felt I was in good hands, and was not immediately alarmed.


On 12/29/17 my husband got a voice mail from a claims rep named Chris asking for a call back about our claim.  I also received an email from a different rep, Bradley, indicating the vehicle was a total loss, he would be handling that total loss, and they were doing a market study for value.  I called Bradley and left him a message the same day. I indicated at this time I was getting concerned about the time that had passed, and I assumed the holidays may have caused a bit of delay with people out, but I wanted to be sure my claim was resolved before our 30 days of rental expired, or I would assume USAA would extend it. I provided my email as well and asked for the claim documents to be sent to me for review on the market value. This was on a Friday.  The following week, after no response, I called both Chris and Bradley and left both a message saying the same thing.  I advised that I would anticipate if my claim is not resolved soon, that they would step up and pay any additional rental.  I again left my email address and asked for the documents for review.  At this point, I may have been influenced by my own background. The job of any claims rep, especially a total loss rep, is extremely busy and stressful.  Often, calling over and over or trying to get a different rep can actually make things worse within a claims dept.  These people work hard, and I had faith in USAA.


After a few more days with no response, I called both reps again, and left both another voice mail, again saying at this time I am expecting that USAA will pay my rental until they resolve my claim.  My daughter cannot be without a car, and given the jobs and school locations, staying in the rental was certainly the best way to mitigate our costs. We could not buy another car until we had the total loss payment.  At this point, I was still very confident that USAA would step up, though irritated at the lack of response.


I got a call on 1/10/18 from Bradley.  He emailed the documents while we were on the phone.  The value was accurate and fair and we settled right then. It would take 3-5 days to get money via EFT with money held back till they had the title.  Then he told me that my rental expired 1/7/18 and they would not pay beyond that.  What?  Your preferred shop took 6 days to do an estimate.  It took USAA 8 days from there to contact me and we responded with a return call the very same day.  After that, after 5 messages, they made no contact with me from 12/29 to 1/10.  In every message I reminded them that I needed to resolve this or be in the rental.  His response?  I should have called and asked for a team member because they handle all claims as a team, not individual assignments.  Then why did his letter say he would be handling my claim?  We went round and round. Why did Chris call us and then never return our messages? No answer to that.  Per Bradley, I should have been more aggressive, I should have called more often, I should have asked for someone else.  I thought I was providing some professional courtesy and did not want to get anyone into trouble.


I asked for a manager.  That takes 1-2 days to get a call, they refuse to provide a name or number, or transfer your call.  Unbelievable.  This was on Wednesday 1/10.


Saturday afternoon I checked on line and saw the money had been deposited. We bought a car Sunday. Enterprise was closed. We returned the rental on Monday.


The following week I called about the rest of my money and because I’d NOT received a call from the manager.  I opted out of Bradley’s line when I got voice mail to follow his directive to wait for another rep. Wait time 25 min’s.  I got a call at work and could not stay on the line. I tried this 3-4 more times, all the same.  I left Bradley more messages.  To my surprise, it only took 2 messages on two days and he called back.  He then said had I waited on hold I would have gotten service, because those are the customers that get attention. People who leave messages do not, at least not for a long time. They are not adequately staffed and cannot resolve total loss claims within a month.  Customers need to be aggressive.  Huh?  I can only say “wow”.  I know from lots of experience, a total loss on my car could easily be handled in one week, easily.   I complained about no manager call. He also said the manager noted the file that they called my husband about my complaint.  No – they did not!  Then he changed that to say she called my daughter at a number that had been disconnected 6 mo’s ago, although they’d been communicating with her on her new number early on.  He agreed to put in another request – which would take another 1-2 days.


No manager call back so I took to FB on 1/19.  I got a response, and a manager would call in 1-2 days.  Nope.  I wrote back on FB, and was told my issue was escalated to the CEO member relations team and someone would call. That was on 1/24.


The total loss manager Sharon called me on 1/25.  She said what I’d already heard. Their “situation” right now is that they cannot timely resolve claims.  To get faster service I needed to call more often, leave more messages, opt out to a team member, and wait on hold 25 min’s every time. I didn’t, so they view these delays my issue. Also, she threw in the few days my daughter was having shop issues until she went to their shop.  Hmm, what about your 30 day issue?  What about your shop taking 6 days to write an estimate?  And nothing about your complete failure to return customer calls – both reps and managers.  I asked to speak with her manager, who she told me was Troy Price. She refused to give me his number, but assured me he would also tell me this was not their issue, it was mine.  I asked for a call anyway, and she said she would tell him right away to call me, and that he would certainly do so. I also sent another FB message asking for that call from CEO member relations, and no response.


It is now 1/26, very end of the day, and over 24 hours later.  No call from Troy Price.  No call from CEO member relations. I sent another FB message asking for status on that– NO RESPONSE.  I posted again on FB and got a cease and desist note back. 


I have filed a dept. of insurance complaint. I am posting this here. I will post everywhere I can.  This is incredible to me that they take NO responsibility for their delays. I am in shock that even management blows off their customers.  I was asked what I would have done in this situation as a claims manager.  I have been there, sometimes things happen and claim are delayed. I have always been available to speak with someone, and in cases like this with delayed total loss handling I HAVE extended rentals to take care of customers. All this over an extra week of rental. They seem perfectly willing to lose a long time customer who pays a lot of premium on house and cars for a big family.


A final note. Credit where credit is due. Poor Bradley, though he delivered a message that is a bad one, he did that part well, he remained professional and courteous to me, and did seem genuinely apologetic about the delays and failure to return my calls.  Clearly this was a script he was used to, and he seemed to want to do better but was not in a job that allowed him to.  Sharon on the other hand, not so good as a manager and offered no apologies or any good explanation except to blame me.


I hope lots of people see this and run the other way away from USAA.  This is not over.



I am so sorry to hear about your claim experience and especially the lack of contact.  I have engaged our CEO Member Relations Team and requested that they contact you as soon as possible. 

ahh well, I'd be happy to hear that except that your FB team has been promising that for days. I've received NO call from this team and now my FB messages are no longer answered.

It seems like poor service is normal procedure for USAA to treat customers who have gone through a traumatic event, I have a loss claim in at present and USAA can be assured that I will take my business elsewhere once the claim is settled.  There is absolutely no reason nor excuse to treat loyal customers so shabily-we built the company!


I regret making the above post, it was done in error while I was in pain and medicated from the auto accident.  USAA has treated me fairly and with respect throught my ordeal.  I have checked around and I assure those reading this post that USAA has the best rates.  All insurance companies are high but USAA has the most reasonable rates on the internet.  You can search the kingdom fr and wide, leave no stone unturned and USAA will still be there for you!


I am experiencing similar disappointment and upset in a different area - if you have weight, I'd prefer to try to deal with someone who cares about a problem. If you have weight, can you tell me how to reach the CEO member relations team?

Hello @50 year Member2

It's concerning to hear of your disappointment. This isn't the experience we want for you. I will forward your message to the appropriate area as requested in your message. Thank you for the opportunity to have your concerns reviewed and your patience during the process. Have a good day! ~ Lori C





as a 14 yr member, i would fully concur that usaa has amply proved that it doesn't care about member interests, satisfaction, or loyalty.  10 days to even authorize initial repairs (only by email/phone, which shouldn't take 10 days), 3 weeks before usaa even bothered to visit my car in-person, only so that they could quickly total it.   didn't bother to explain anything that i would actually want/need to know in this situation, usaa only callously bombarded me with quickly generated computer estimates.  usaa's apathy (about which i was complaining since early days after accident in which i wasn't even at fault) cost me THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS in end of yr incentives to buy new car (which usaa is implausibly trying to deny); significant and ongoing stress/aggravation, exacerbated by usaa's lack of sensitivity, perpetual nonresponse, suppression of my right to publicly discuss usaa with othr usaa members, etc.   usaa couldn't care less that the only reason that i was even driving my own car was bc waiting for shop free loaner (to try to save usaa rental car costs).  despite my objections, usaa kept bragging about exactly how usaa would recover settlement from other insurance companies (even repeatedly and crassly providing the exact breakdown in pennies).  


as advised by usaa employee who concurred that there were major problems with usaa total claims dept, i tried to escalate to ceo member relations (BM), who only parroted the total loss dept, committed the same offenses, and did nothing to improve situation or communication.  usaa "advocacy resolutions" does not want to advocate nor resolve anything on behalf of long-term members throwing away hard-earned money, only to be totally screwed over.  





Fire this co:    We are not alone. There are so many other posts here and on FB.  Sorry for your issues.  If they just stepped up and took care of my issue, I'd continue to be a customer and would tell others about how they really took care of me after a rough patch.  It happens, I know, the key is to take accountability and they refuse to do that.

yes, i naively thought that "advocacy resolution"/"member relations" might be constructive, but just be prepared for same dung under a different name.  usaa has not bothered to respond to any of my public posts and/or most of my emails, especially over past couple weeks.  i wasted three hours this afternoon on chat where usaa was pretending to want to help but ultimately reinforced that USAA IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED BC USAA DOES NOT ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT ITS MEMBERS, ONLY ABOUT USAA.