Tarheel Mom

I spoke with your homeowners insurance rep yesterday concerning a home that I am buying and if the roof is fully insurable or if you will give an ACV value or not insure at all. I am planning on replacing the roof - it is NOT leaking but has some age and granual loss.  Roof was installed in 2007 per current owner. The reason I'm not replacing BEFORE closing is I want to make a roofline modification and the home is in an historical district and I must go thru the historical planning board to get approval which may take 30-90 days. USAA rep told me yesterday I could upload my two roof inspections but I can't find the "upload" place on the USAA website.


@Jayne, Congratulations on the new home purchase! To upload the roof inspections, select your name on the top right of usaa.com, then Send Documents to USAA. It will allow you to upload the inspections there and give you the option to send to Insurance. I hope the rest of the home buying process is a breeze for you, and please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any other questions/concerns along the way :) ~Danielle