Homeowner's policy during a renovation when we will out of the house?



We started a home renovation a few days ago. I called USAA two months ago and was assured that our homeowner's policy would be fine during the renovation (the contractor and subs are all insured), but we bought some additional insurance to up our liability. 


I spoke to someone at USAA today just to check in and was given very confusing information about whether we are covered. The person recommended that I get additional insurance, but could not tell me for sure whether our current policy covers our home and in what capacity. We plan to be out from July 11-Dec 15 and will be staying in the neighborhood nearby to keep an eye on things. 


I would love to get a definitive answer on what is covered with our current policy, if we need additional coverage, and what we need it for. 


Thanks. I have also pm'd the social address as suggested in other responses. 


Hello @dogfish, I appreciate you reaching out and I'm engaging a specialist to help. -Paula

Thanks Paula, please have them get in touch with me using my email on file.