Can you provide me with a "Homeowner's insurance declaration page" for my property at 1167 Vinings Place Way? I can't seem to find anything labled as such on my insurance policy.


Hello @Snakeeyf16, happy to assist in helping you locate your home declaration page.  If you are already logged in, just need to go to your documents and locate your most recent Homeowners policy.  It will be in a PDF form and usually on the 3rd to 5th page of your policy packet.  If needing a older policy or a specific document, you can select the appropriate folder and then the year that the document was sent to you.  You will be able to view documents up to 7 years and if needing anything past that, will need to call or chat with a specialist to complete your request.  Hope this helps you in locating and getting the requested document from your documents.  If needing additional assistance or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via USAA Community by sending us a Private Message.  Thank you for trusting USAA with your insurance needs and we look forward to hearing from you again down the road.  ~ Marco