As veterans, we encounter numerous people who claim to have our backs. When trouble arrives, it is then you find out who is really on your side. My neighbor and I had adjusters come out to our homes the same day. Two days later, my neighbor had a new roof. Here it is four weeks, I can't even get a response from USAA. I reported that my garage was leaking and that I had two areas in my house with water damage. The adjuster came out and took pictures of everything. Now, they want to piece together my roof and I've been waiting for a week for the second adjuster to come out. Has anyone seen him? Now, it costs between $1000 to $2000 for an adjuster to come out. So, with all those funds I could have a new roof. Our homes are our biggest investments and should have the highest priority. I have dealt with auto claims and they have been top notch. Maybe, we can get some people from auto to come over to home owners. We are the few who have given our all and all we want in return is the same. I am really considering that this might be my last year with USAA. Maybe, dealing with a local agent could bring about better results because I'm not very happy with my insurance company right now. I just don't believe in penny pinching when it comes to my home.


BD31, I am very sorry to hear about the damages to your house. I have located your claim information and I am escalating your concerns to the claims service manager to review and to follow up with you. Thank you. ~James