Does USAA offer health savings accounts and if so, what is the process for setting one up? thanks


Hello NCHeel, I appreciate you reaching out to us. At this time, USAA does not offer Health Savings Accounts. We always value members like yourself who are keen to giving us their feedback. I will be sure to pass this along to the appropriate area, thank you.

Please let me know when you plan to set up HSA accounts for your members.  Clearly this is a current and growing need.


Alternatively, post your rationale for not setting up this valuable service that the current federal administration actively supports.


My current HSA is killing me with fees and no investment options.



DFC1, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I'll forward your concerns to the appropriate area for further handling. ~ Stacy

DFC1, Our product managers are aware and are always looking at options to offer new products that our members need, HSAs aren't currently on the top of the list. There's a prioritization process, so please keep sharing your feedback as we are always listening.  Have a good evening.

Hi, What are the priorities above a Health Saving Account? With the ever growing need for financial assets like an HSA, what is above this? I do not want to have to set up a HSA with Wells Fargo; please dont make me do that....

Ryan, thank you for your feedback and for your membership. HSAs are an important tool in ensuring you are prepared for healthcare costs, and do come with some tax benefits. If you have the option to participate in an HSA, we recommend you do so. USAA does not have plans to offer an HSA at this time, but we’re always reviewing product options. I’ll pass your feedback on to the product team. -Colleen

Hello - Just chiming in that it would be great if USAA offered an HSA.  Please keep us updated if this is going to be offered anytime soon.


Thank you.

@ R. Taylor, if this is a product that USAA starts servicing in the future, we will let our members know. Thanks for the feedback. -Colleen

Just thought I would check to see if USAA is planning on offering the HSA accounts yet?  The fees that these other institutions we are forced to go with are outrageous!